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Website Creation

Through the entire process, we work together and make it easy for you. All of our websites are custom designed and built. Please contact us to inquire about a custom quote. Or, set up a Free Website Audit!




Hosting & Domain

These are essential components of your website that are all through Creatively so you don't have to worry about managing several accounts.








Still feeling lost? See if this helps.

Hosting is essential for having a website.  It’s what allows your website to be live and accessible for users to find on the web.  There are many places you can get hosting, but a lot of the times it’s slow and low performing.  That’s why we found the best, fastest option available for you!

That is perfectly okay.  Great job for getting it set up!  We will help you get transferred over to Creatively.  It’s important that your hosting and domain are in the same place.

That’s great!!  We will help you transfer it to Creatively.  If you have an existing website and your domain is set up with email, we will talk about the best option.

SSL stands for secure sockets layer.  To put it simply, this is what puts the grey lock icon in the browser next to the URL.  This shows visitors the website is safe.

That’s okay!  We understand that happens.  We would first recommend you start the monthly maintenance plan if your website will need changes often.  If this is a one-time thing, we’ll talk about what you’re thinking, give you an estimate, and get it done for you!

This can be an overwhelming decision!  We know every business is different and we’re happy to meet with you and help you decide on a Website Design Package that will best fit your needs.

Absolutely!  We have three payment options:

  • 100% upfront
  • 50% upfront and 50% the next month
  • 33.3% upfront, and two monthly payments following the initial payment

If you have an existing website, Creatively will go through and look for improvement points.  Then we will set up a time to go over the audit together.  If you don’t have an existing website, we’ll just set up a meeting where we can learn more about you, your business, and what you’re looking for in a website!

We use Adobe Xd and Figma software to create an exact prototype of what your website will look like.  This prototype has no functionality, but you are able to see the designs come to life!  The prototype is essential for nailing the exact look and feel of your new website.  There are unlimited revisions until it’s perfectly perfect.  Once approved by you, we will begin developing and you’ll already know what to expect.  Here’s an example.

This is a detailed checklist we go through before launching your website.  A few things we check check are the copy, links, buttons, and overall functionality.

We do a one-time SEO (Search Engine Optimization) setup for all of our websites.  Some of this may not make sense, and that’s okay!  Here’s our SEO setup list.

We have 6-12 people in your target audience go through the website on their own.  We provide them with 3-5 tasks and questions to complete as they navigate through the site.  We then take their feedback and data to enhance the website and make any necessary changes before going live.

After your website goes live, we have a 30-day free period to monitor your site and be there if you notice bugs or breaks.  After the 30 days, you have the option to subscribe to our Monthly Maintenance Plan.

Refer a friend for a new home page, new website or website redesign and both receive a FREE month of maintenance! ($300 value)

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